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Top Reviewer
I wish I found this place a long time ago. Instead I've been ordering really bad Chinese takeout.
Being Korean and sometimes missing mom's cooking (and being somewhat picky-ok really picky abut my Korean food)-this will be the replacement (it's not as good as mom's-but if it's between my mom's cooking and a resturaunt mom's food always wins). Everything I ordered was fresh and so well packed nothing spilled or looked like it had been delivered (and the delivery guy was awesome!!! He was smiley and kind). Even the fried rice that I ordered reminded me of my mom's instead of all this pathetic yellow rice-fried rice mess I have been receiving...the rice is white and has all these finely diced lovely veggies in it. I ordered the Mandoo and they weren't like my mom's but pretty tasty (they were however a little on the small side) but the taste was spot on-and I didn't need the soy sauce. The kimchi Jjigae was the most important and always the most suspect...the flavour was perfect...I only wish there was a little more tofu and the tofu was a little softer but....it was very, very tasty. The portions are a very good size I have leftovers for lunch/dinner tomorrow! I will be back and instead or ordering subpar Chinese-I'll be ordering from here....YUM!


Top Reviewer
Very good food my fave is the Snowki and crispy Fried teriyaki wings. Only thing I would say is that they should add more rice cakes to the Snowki aside from that the taste is great and wings are crispy and delicious.


2 reviews
I have ordered many dishes from K'ook and without exception all food has been delicious. I particularly recommend their restorative and hearty stews.


Top Reviewer
Staff is friendly and knowledgable, delivery was on time...also not to mention the food was great!

Yuan David

2 reviews
DELICIOUS! Got the Ginseng soup and it was amazing

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2 reviews
As a Korean person I really hate when places make soups all taste the same - soondooboo should not taste like kimchi jigae should not taste like yookgaejang and so on. So far all the soups have been great (budae jigae, yookgaejang are my faves) and this place is probably the best Korean I've had below 14th st. Plus the banchan is pretty on point. Delivery is consistent, on time, friendly and I order here at least twice a week.


2 reviews
I am not the one to write reviews but I absolutely love K'ook! Amazing authentic Korean food, large portions, and just fantastic service. Delivery is fast and on time, and the delivery guy I get my food from is always super kind.

I definitely recommend all of the soups and gimbaps (I have yet to try other food, but I definitely will be soon)!


Top Reviewer
Literally the best Korean delivery in this area. Food comes surprisingly hot, and if I close my eyes I actually feel like I'm back in Korea. One suggestion though - if you order the army stew, I'd suggest telling them to pack the ramen separately (which they'll do) to prevent it from being too soggy.


1 review
Everything is always nicely packaged, food comes really hot, delivery is fast, I've never had a negative interaction with the delivery guys, and the food is so good. Really, there's nothing to complain about, and it's the best place to order Korean in the Stuytown/East Village area.


Top Reviewer
Given the East Village location & obvious volume, I cannot believe how consistently these guys knock it out of the park. It is devilishly hard to get takeout/delivery fried anything to stay crisp, and the salt&pepper wings are just perfect every time. The SoonDooBu is also a big favorite.

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